Marshall Field’s Flea Market

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Once again Marshall Field's pulls out all the stops, and creates a truly grand flea market for Chicagoans. Decorating finds have been hand-picked by Field’s buyers at European flea markets, shipped home, and now are available for purchase in the First Floor Arcade. These are authentic market buys - interesting one-of-a-kinds, antiques, vintage pieces and dead stock.

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Field’s creative team displays the goods in settings that celebrate the juxtaposition of old and new by intermingling modern pieces throughout. The windows along Wabash Street feature the vintage wares incorporated into four room sets showcasing the aesthetics of designers Barbara Barry , Jonathan Adler , Thomas O'Brien and Alexa Hampton .

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In the past, Field’s market was a three-day-only event but this year has been extended throughout the spring season. Items from France, Holland and England are featured initially, with a growing focus on merchandise from Asia, Africa and Latin America as the event continues.

After attending the last market during summer ’04, we’ve been awaiting its return. A visit to Fields, a classic, historic store, is always fun, but this shopping experience stands out. It’s got the search mission thrill of thrifting and the department store ease of pre-pricing, payment options and delivery service. A wide price range (starting at $1!) makes purchasing a possibility. No haggling or returns, though.

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Highlights: Bamboo chair circa 1950, $70; Sputnik chandelier, $562; Italian sunburst lamps circa 1960, $375; French syrup jars, $66; Eastern European schoolroom poster circa 1940, $88; Woman’s portrait, $280; Man’s portrait, $100; French logo barware, $12 & up.

For Chicago vintage fans, it’s a dream to shop a European flea market where the only travel required is a short ride on the “L”!

Special Event Shop Open 2/22/06 through 4/30/06

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