Martha Moves On

Martha Moves On

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 15, 2004

This just in. At a news conference at her offices today, Martha finally took the reins and rose above the fray, stating that she would take jail over waiting out her appeal.

"I cannot bear any longer the prolonged suffering while I and my people await vindication in the next step of the legal process"

The legal process is endless. The appeal seems to have become so delayed that it would not be heard until sometime next year. Thank goodness Martha is going to be able to turn off the tap of lawyer's fees, which must make bill paying painful each month.

Interestingly, we have become much more mixed in our opinions of Martha in the past month since we have had a number of engaging conversations with clients about her plight. Clearly she is head strong and made some stupid mistakes, but she is also getting slammed for much smaller infractions than a number of corporate leaders have gotten away with lately.

She has been a professional inspiration to many women and puts out damn good products with great style.

We tend to think that people get what they ask for, and Martha has asked for a lot, including trouble. We also tend to be optimistic and predict that Martha will not only come through this, she will be better for it. We would buy her stock now while its low. MGR

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