Good Question: Easy DIY Gift

Good Question: Easy DIY Gift

Alejandra Valera
Feb 19, 2008

Norine sent us an email:"I have a ton of baby showers and kid's birthdays coming up. Somehow all of my girlfriends managed to have children around the same time! I was looking for a nice DIY item I could make myself that doesn't look cheap but won't cost me an arm and a leg to make.

Something that's fast and easy-to-make is also a plus. Oh, and sadly...I don't know how to knit. Any ideas?"

Good question, Norine!

The other day while we were half-dead on the couch wondering how we could have over 200 cable channels and still have nothing on, we ventured into the "On Demand" section and noticed Martha Stewart is now On Demand.

One of the featurettes we viewed showed a DIY for a simple, yet sweet looking, alphabet pillow. Made with a small amount of felt, a pillow and some buttons, Martha shows you step-by-step how to make one yourself.

We felt so inspired to make one, had we actually gotten off the couch we totally would have.

Readers, do you have other nifty suggestions for Norine?