Martha Stewart, Like You've Never Seen Her Before

We just got a look at a very surprising new direction for Martha - a show in which she appears in a polka dot bathing suit and features a peppy theme song about do-do-do-ing it yourself. Sound a little unusual? Well, you have NO idea...take a peek:

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Martha has been turned into a cartoon character for a new kids show on the Hallmark Channel. When Carrie, the editor of Ohdeedoh, got the PR email she wasn't sure if it was for real, but not only does it really exist, it's pretty fantastically wacky!

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Martha, Sharkey and Francesca on the beach

From exclaiming with gusto how it's "so hard to sit on the beach when all I want to do is make invitations" to cracking the whip and keeping her friends on party planning duty when they just want to slack off to scrapbook (!), this kid version of Martha seems to have it's animated tongue firmly in cheek.

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Francesca, Martha, Kevin, Lily, Hannah and Sharkey

There are even cartoon versions of Francesca and Sharkey as part of the cast of characters (along with three kid friends, Kevin, Lily and Hannah) which brought up a very intriguing question over chat between the editors at Apartment Therapy yesterday - Is Martha's real life dog Sharkey actually named for real life friend and editorial director Kevin Sharkey? Inquiring minds want to know!

Carrie took an in-depth look at design at the show's "set" for Ohdeedoh - called "If Martha Stewart Designed Clubhouses" - it's worth a peek and includes a source list of the (real-life) furnishings she found referenced in the cartoon hangout.

Check out 10 year old Martha in all her glory: Martha and Friends

Images: Top - Martha Stewart Living via Everyday House Blend - Screengrabs, from Martha and Friends

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