MarthaWatch™: 10,000 Critics Can't be Wrong

MarthaWatch™: 10,000 Critics Can't be Wrong

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 12, 2005

With all the celebratory press swirling around M Diddy, this kind of piling on will probably be hushed up pretty quick.

Over at Consumer Affairs, we stumbled across a dark side of Martha's legacy: dozens of folk chewing her out for selling them shoddy outdoor furniture (albeit through Kmart).

While we have had a good experience with Martha's Kmart paint and towels, her outdoor furniture apparently sucks big balls with rapid deterioration and breakage, even when taken care of:

BRIDGETTE: Just the other day, for no apparent reason, my glass top table shattered into a million pieces!

SARA: After one summer the cushions were faded and the chair frames were beginning to rust. This summer the ugly, faded fabric on the cushions is dried out and shredding.


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