Martin's Modern and Manageable IKEA Home Office


Awhile back, Sonia professed her love of the IKEA MELLTORP dining table as a worthy consideration as a home office desk. Unplggd reader and designer Martin Reid had similar ideas of appropriating a dining surface for work duty, modifying his IKEA table with a few tech accessories and cable management solutions to suit his work needs.

I have just recently finished renovating my home office and have a great IKEA dining table that I am using as a computer desk. I've never seen it used like this before and thought you might like to see some photos? I have fixed the router and power socket extensions to either side of the table so there are plenty of sockets. For cable management I bought some spring clips from a local DIY store. All they need is a 1 screw for fixing and are an excellent and very cheap option for hiding your cables. Because they are fixed with with a screw they can fixed at almost any angle you need to hide your cables.

Thanks to Martin Reid for sharing his setup and DIY solution!