Masculine Headboards

Inside Man

In decorating their bedrooms, many guys I know equate masculinity with minimalism, opting for a simple platform bed, or maybe a basic rectangular wooden headboard. Now don't get me wrong, I love a minimalist bedroom, but there is a fine line between simplicity and boredom. Add an interesting headboard and suddenly even the quietest room has character.

It's a common misconception that decorative headboards are feminine, so let's take a look at some headboards that work to dispute that myth. These babies accomplish a lot more than merely telling you which way to lay down.

Images: 1 Nuevo Estilo via Doorr; 2 Massucco Warner Miller via Dwellers Without Decorators; 3 Miles Redd via Domino; 4 La Maison Boheme; 5 Erin Martin Design; 6 via Decorpad; 7 Cabin on the Water; 8 Gary Spain Design; 9 Elle Decor via Dwellers Without Decorators; 10 Design Sponge.

Resources: West Elm has some good masculine headboards, including a tailored tufted grey one, and a handsome grasscloth one, all for under $500 for a king. Ballard has some classic nailhead designs, and you can pick from a wide range of fabrics, from solids to manly stripes, though it will run you closer to $800 for a king size. If you're feeling more of an English clubby aesthetic for your bedroom, Horchow has a tweed wingback headboard that's $1899 for a king.

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