Wallpaper may have musty associations with old-fashioned, feminine interiors, but didn't you get the memo? All that's changed now. New methods of printing and designing wallpapers (ie computers and photography) have broken the medium wide open, yielding all sorts of fresh ideas. And of course, some old methods and materials, like cork, remain classic choices for any interior. Here is a roundup of the brawniest, broodiest and most manly wallpapers around.

Images & Sources:
1 Bookcase wall paper via Dwellers Without Decorators
2 Barbara Hulanicki's Skulls wallpaper, from Graham & Brown, $145/roll
3 Miles Redd interior with Cork walls, from Domino
4 Random Geometry wallpaper from Nama Rococo, $126/roll
5 Black Crow Studios' Eyechart Wallpaper, via ATSF, 90" x 150" panel for $1895
6 Tigerlace from Cavern Home
7 Gary Spain interior
8 Fuoco wallpaper from Trove
9 tennis wallpaper from Turner Pocock, 60 GBP/roll
10 Newspaper wallpaper via Dwellers Without Decorators