Mason & Norah's Lucky Discoveries Room

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Name: Mason (4.5) & Norah (2)
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania

We finally made the jump to move these two into one room. I've always loved the idea of siblings sharing a space and since Norah's been sleeping in one end of our bedroom for the past two years, we were finally ready to reclaim a little adult space.

We're renters and so thankful for the white walls and the wood floors. On the non-existent budget of a third-year medical student and a stay-at-home mama, everything in the room is IKEA, family hand-me-downs, or lucky discoveries. I sewed the banner out of vintage curtains and fabric scraps for Norah's 1st birthday party, and it seemed to be the piece to bring together all of the bits.
We're two weeks into this set-up and the smalls have been sleeping (even napping!) together like champs.

Source List:

  • Toddler bed – IKEA
  • Crib and dresser – IKEA (painted by my husband)
  • Rug – IKEA
  • Baskets – Land of Nod

Thanks, Tiffany!

(Images: reader Tiffany)


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