Sharing Space: An Unconventional Window

When I ran across this image I had to stop and do a triple take because I couldn't tell what I was actually seeing. Was it some kind of projection or optical illusion? Now I've seen windows installed near baseboards before, but not where the window becomes it's own structure that enters the interior space in this way.

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This inspiring architectural detail was designed by Chen + Suchart Studio for the remodel of the Dillon Residence. I just love the element of light and shadow that this window creates and how it plays with the traditional boundaries of interior and exterior space. The zen sand garden that makes its way into their bedroom is simply magnificent.

I'm really inspired by this space, and it's definitely getting bookmarked in my 'dream house' folder. Ahhhh, ok back to reality.

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See additional images of this remodel at chictip.

Images: Chen + Suchart Studio via Chictip

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