Name: Shannon Corbeil of Little Luck Tree, Matthew Pearce of Matt's Macintosh Location: Los Angeles, CA

A few months back we shared a reader's home office, spotlighting their easy and affordable decorative display using clipboards above the desk. The surprise is discovering the home office is actually in their living room, and they've since been working on the other side of the room, expanding a shared his and hers workspace...

Matthew Pearce of Matt's Macintosh shares the workspace with Shannon Corbeil of Little Luck Tree, a balancing act between the couple's different, yet complementary styles:

Matt was able to keep his boy stuff on one side of the room, and I kept my girlie things over on mine. Our aesthetic was similar enough that the furniture and tech pieces tied the decor together. Add some fresh plants, and it was really nice and homey!

To keep things fair, the turntable is in the middle. Like Shannon and Matt's home office style? Here are a few similar or same elements to decorate inspired by their shared workspace:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

View of the Eiffel Tower, France Wall Mural - $125.00

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )


(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Innovative Technology ITUT-400 Modern Design USB Turntable - $60.56

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The Case Study Fiberglass H-Base Chair - $325.00

(Images: Shannon Corbeil/Little Luck Tree; as linked above)

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