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Nashville, TN
Inspiration for my palette:
We wanted something that felt very relaxed and reminded us of the beach. Some of our fondest memories are vacationing with our family on the Florida coast each summer, so we wanted something that reminded us of those great times, but with a more modern approach. The homes down there are very breezy and casual feel and we wanted a little piece of that here in Nashville.
Colors used in my room:
Cream, gray, charcoal and brown.
Tips for using color successfully:
Since our palette is really all neutrals, this allows us to have fun with accent colors. In the fall, we can bring in pops of red or orange, while in the spring and summer, greens and blues will work equally as well. We like to freshen the space often, so this allows us to bring in new things, while working with a good neutral base.
Modern Coastal Casual