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Nashville, TN
Inspiration for my palette:
It was actually the result of wanting something dramatic for a Christmas party. We bought new ornaments in bright (almost neon) blues, greens, pinks and oranges, so the dark color of the room really made the tree, lights and ornaments pop!
Colors used in my room:
We chose to use a smoky gray color called Antique Tin from Behr. Because the color was so dark and saturated, we wanted to lighten the room with a light linen beige and white accents.
Tips for using color successfully:
Don't fear the darkness. Sure, the room starts out looking like a cave, but the more you add to it, the lighter it can get. The key is to balance light pieces with the dark color to create a good balance. We still have some things to add, but with each accessory and piece of art, it gets lighter.
Moody in Nature
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