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East Greenwich, RI
United States
What do you love about your bedroom?:
The calm. We have two young children. Our bedroom is an oasis from the activity of the rest of the house, but kids are still welcome here. We have included spaces for their things too so they can cuddle with us in bed or read and play while we are getting ready in the morning. We also love our house’s eccentricities. Our house was built in 1959 and features like the mid century modern built in drawers and an intercom system are what made us fall head over heels for our house.
What are your tips for creating a beautiful, healthy and organized bedroom?:
Make it a space that you love. We begin and end every day in this space. We have curated our room so that we find inspiration and reminders of happiness in the little things that we have brought here. We are not the most organized people, but having a place for everything helps. From floor to ceiling, we have one whole wall of drawers and cubbies devoted to storage. When everything has a designated home, there is no excuse for clutter.
In modern homes, bedrooms have become more than just a place to sleep; they can be a retreat, a home office, a library, a relaxation zone. What are some ways you make the most of your bedroom?:
Although our room is small, we use it for many things. We are both avid readers so it is important for us to have end tables with storage for our reading materials and lamps so that we can read into the wee hours of the morning. Our built ins include a desk that does double duty as both a vanity and a place where I can catch up with email at night. The kids use this space too. By giving them a shelf for their books and a large basket for their toys, we can corral their messes while making them feel at home here too.