Max Zorn: Packing Tape Art Takes to the Streets

Max Zorn: Packing Tape Art Takes to the Streets

Linda Ly
Feb 23, 2012

And here I thought packing tape was nothing more than... well, tape. Using translucent brown tape as his medium, Dutch street artist Max Zorn creates stunning portraits of pop figure icons like the Beatles, and classic works such as Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring."

The tape art takes on a beautiful glow through the use of light, an idea born from a nightly run through Amsterdam. By cutting and taping onto a piece of flexible Plexiglass, Zorn was able to clamp the artwork onto street lamps, which gave his portraits extra depth by illuminating through many layers of translucent tape.

Zorn's tape art has appeared on buildings, windows and street lamps all over Europe, from Lisbon to Berlin. Check out his website for more installations.

Via Design TAXI

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(Images: Max Zorn)

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