Maxwell's Best Photos of Turkey

Maxwell's Best Photos of Turkey

Maxwell Ryan
Aug 23, 2011

Chevron stone floor in the abandoned city of Kayakoy, Turkey

Our summer trip to Turkey was a photographer's paradise. Day after day of incredible (hot) weather and thousands of years worth of history piled up on top of cool, chic modern fare left us incredibly happy and tired at the end of every day. Following are some of the miscellaneous highlights of the trip that didn't get captured in our two previous posts, Traditional Gulets: The Best Boat Vacation in Turkey Ever, Ephesus Terrace Houses: The Fanciest Homes in Turkey, and the soon to be republished post on The Nisanyan Hotel. Enjoy!


The Blue Mosque

Hagia Sophia

Spice Market

Baklava (Piled up)

Karakoy Locantsi by Autobahn

On Shore at Kekova during The Boat Trip

Greek amphitheater enlarged by Romans for games

Wall Tombs

Kayakoy during The Boat Trip

"In 1923 the Greeks living in Kayakoy, Turkey departed after a population exchange between the Greek and Turkish governments was mandated, leaving it an abandoned village. Some two million families, Greek Christians and Turkish Moslems alike, were uprooted from the homes and the country they had lived in, many for generations.

Today some 500 original homes remain in Kayakoy, all now in ruins." via

At the tourist canteen at Karakoy

Nisanyan Hotel

Look! It's me when I'm older!


Tyre on Market Day

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