Maxwell's Project: Bathroom Hooks #2

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Well the stockmarket's tumbling, but that's not stopping us. We kicked off reader submissions to the January Jumpstart Contest today and spent all weekend working on our own. As you may remember, my project was a relatively humble attempt to install bathroom hooks into our new bathroom.

I didn't want to do brand new hooks, but wanted instead to do something crafty and unique that would add some LIFE to the plain sheetrock walls in our bathroom...

The idea? To buy some old hooks of different shapes and sizes and paint them all the same color with a really nice, environmentally friendly paint. This weekend, I made a lot of headway and had a great time as well.

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First, I found great old hooks at Olde Good Things up on 26th Street after dragging the Hell's Kitchen Flea market and not finding much. Here's a picture of them at the checkout.

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Then I boiled them to strip off any oil or dirt.

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Then I screwed them all to an old piece of wood to make the painting easier.

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Then I painted them with a special primer that I bought at Marston and Langinger. This is me in the hallway carefully putting on the primer. I let it dry last night and I'll hit it again with color tonight. I actually bought a few colors to test, so I'll show you those tomorrow.

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