May Is for Spring Cleaning

May Is for Spring Cleaning

Heather Blaha
May 21, 2007

Well, we've finally wrapped up our 1.5 months of viewing and voting on the Smallest Coolest spaces. Thanks again to the AT:Chicago community for joining us last Thursday at DWR Tree Studio for some contest talk, fun conversation and lively stories. As always, it was so nice to meet (or re-meet) you!

For the rest of May, we are going to focus on Spring Cleaning, and getting our places as spotless as possible. When we clean, we tend to do small amounts at random times, rather than a large overhaul during an entire day. This of course means that certain jobs are easier to put off then others. What's the one cleaning job you really need a push to accomplish?

We'll be blogging helpful products, resources and encouragement for your spring cleaning jobs, and if there's something you want to ask, read, or share with AT, drop us a line!

(Image via Princess Leia's "Keeping House")

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