May: Most Popular How To & DIY Projects

Best of 2009

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1 DIY: Multimedia Desk, Built From “Scratch” 2 DIY Project: Streamlined Worktable with Hidden Compartment 3 DIY: How to Make VERY Simple Speakers 4 DIY Project: LEDs Brighten Up Ikea TV Unit
5 DIY Project: The $8 Aluminum Laptop Stand 6 DIY Project: 20 Dollar Monitor Stand 7 DIY Awesome Xmas Lights With Stuff From a Frat House 8 DIY iPhonola: How To Make a Great iPod Dock Using A Record Player 9 DIY Project Foldaway Home Editing Suite 10 DIY Project: A Projector Screen that Plays Art Piece During Down Time 11 DIY: A Holiday Tech Infused Mantel, on the Cheap 12 DIY: Multimedia Desk, Chapter 2: Cmoy Headphone Amp