Will Mid-Century Modern Homes Kill Your Children?


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As a public service, Projectophile is alerting its readers to the dangers posed by key elements of mid-century modern residential design. Read on for their full alert.

I've often thought that mid-century modern homes were not exactly designed with safety in mind. In fact, many would not meet today's building codes. Dangers include open ledges, fire pits, and floating stairs. Seeing it all laid out — in parody — over at Projectophile nearly had me in stitches. It's a must read for design-loving parents!

Here are a few of their blog captions: 

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This stylish modern mother is too absorbed in her reading to notice that all her children have fallen into the living room garden. 

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Children are told to wear flotation devices at all times when inside the home.

Have you ever thought the same thing about mid-century homes?

Read the full P.S.A. over at Projectophile.  

(Images: via Projectophile)