McMaster-Carr Task Lamp

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I was at Kiosk last Friday buying a birthday present for a friend, when I looked up and saw these super cool task lamps lighting up the adjacent space (above). They reminded me of weird cross between the Luxo and the Jielde designs. This one seemed very machine-y, heavy and American. I'd never seen them before.

Spotting a new design can be very exciting....

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Worried that is was some recent Ikea creation that cost $12, I asked Alisa where they came from and she told me McMaster-Carr, the huge industrial supplier that many AT readers seem to use when renovating their homes.

McMaster's got a bunch of good lamps at great prices, but this one would make a great task lamp for an office with an industrial or architectural edge. And best of all, none of your friends will know where it came from.

>> J Screw-Mount Light - $99 on Page 700 at McMaster-Carr

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