Historic Tech Makeover: Oliver Schick's Living Space

Historic Tech Makeover: Oliver Schick's Living Space

Anthony Nguyen
Jul 7, 2009

Taking on a 110 square meter historic building, Oliver Schick interior design encourages modern thinking and home tech incorporation into a small, vintage package. The result is a very built-in look (look at that beautiful storage unit with integrated swing-out display), with many custom pieces, and a streamlined environment that can only have been catered to all of us technophiles here at Unplggd...

In the main living room, an X-Large Geneva Sound All-in-One Stereo ($1449) allows iPod docking and a single, sexy cabinet acts as the main technological focal point on the wall.

Everywhere else, you can really soak in the benefits (and ultra-modern aesthetics) of having custom shelving built into every available nook and cranny in the dated apartment layout.

Finally, new LED lighting is provided in the bedroom to give natural light where the sun doesn't enter. Our overall impressions of the updated space? Let's just say we can only hope Oliver has some free time to revamp our dated downtown district here in mid-town Sacramento!

(Via MocoLoco)

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