Selling Your Home, Family-Style

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Hide the kids!
The realtor is coming over. The New York Times has a bracing piece on how to get your house ready to sell: Make sure there's no sign of your children in sight. Apparently, a lone Robeez pushed under a couch or forgotten pacifier left on a kitchen counter can help kill a sale. Sellers without kids are not immune from the wrath of the real estate gods -- their stuff must also disappear, leaving no trace of the residents behind when buyers step in the door -- but as any parent knows, it's much harder to clean up after a small child than it is an adult.

The Times quotes one poor book author and mother who describes the circus of getting her home ready to show: ""We literally took luggage carts of toys down into the lobby of the building every Sunday for open houses — toys, ottoman, laundry baskets, everything we could possibly move out of the apartment — and we would bring it back up” from a storage closet in the lobby on Sunday night, said Ms. Ain, who has a 21-month-old daughter and lived through four months on the market."

Yet another reason not to move anytime soon.


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