Meet Camilla Fabbri Of Family Chic

Meet Camilla Fabbri Of Family Chic

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 8, 2011

Name: Camilla Fabbri
Location: Evanston, IL
Website: Family Chic
Kids: Grace 10, Jane 6

During the course of my day it's always refreshing to read a blog from a Mom who doesn't strictly write about her children. Camilla makes fun, crafty projects that are kid-friendly, thrifty and perfect for those who are a little too old for coloring books. There's no talk of dirty diapers on her blog, just family crafts and ideas that make life a little brighter and more fun!

We've seen things from Camilla on Ohdeedoh before. For instance, remember when she taught us all how to make S'mores in the car? Or these fun hostess gifts for children? Camilla is great at presenting unique ideas that are simple to understand and usually with a not to repurposing what you have or bringing the outdoors in when possible.

The things she writes about are fresh, new, and perfect craft quests to tackle during nap time or with the help from older children. I know you'll love it as much as I do, so don't forget to stop by Family Chic; but first check out our interview with Camilla:

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I started Family Chic in Feb of '09. My husband was the one who encouraged me to start blogging — he really believed that my ideas were something that people would respond to.

Tell us about Family Chic and how it came to be:
I've always had a creative streak - I like experimenting with unusual ideas in decorating, entertaining and gardening. In the past, my friends and family had encouraged me to write a book and share my ideas, but I never acted on it. Finally, my husband insisted that blogging was the best outlet for me and he set me up and got me rolling.

I found it awkward at first — I didn't know how to say what I wanted to say. I just wanted to share and inspire. I had a lot of ideas that I'd been storing up, plus a flood of new ones that came out once I realized people were actually interested in my concepts. I didn't know how to manage the output, but I have come to the conclusion that it's best to be short and sweet. I showcase one project per post, I keep the text light but informative and I am heavy on images. I really want my readers to be able to get in, get it, and get out — what parent has the time for anything else?

My next step is to put out a book, and I would love to put out a line of unusual vases & planters.

How do you find time to be a mom and run a successful blog at the same time?
My creative energy is stronger in the morning and afternoon and I like to shoot my photos by natural light — so, I do a lot of my work during the day while my girls are at school. In the summer, when my kids are around more, I try to fit in my blogging at night and on the weekends. I also involve my daughters in the process — they help me with my projects, photos and even critique my work.

Where do you go in the blogosphere for inspiration?
Of course I love all of the Apartment Therapy blogs - they are the best. I am also really into Aunt Peaches for crafting and entertaining, Daily Imprint for all things creative, AdvancedStyle for fun and inspiration and The Selby and The Sartorialist for great photos and people watching.