Tonight! Amazing Eco-Packaging Design with Pangea Organics' Founder Joshua Onysko

Tonight! Amazing Eco-Packaging Design with Pangea Organics' Founder Joshua Onysko

Kayne Rourke
Sep 14, 2011

What: Boulder Design Evenings
Who: Joshua Onysko of Pangea Organics
When: Sept 14, 2011 - 7-8pm
Where: Design Within Reach, 2049 Broadway, Boulder, CO
Members: 36
Organizer: Ali DeJohn

Apartment Therapy Design Evenings of Boulder is back! Please join us on Wednesday, Sept. 14th as we learn about amazing eco-packaging design from Pangea Organics' CEO & Founder, Joshua Onysko.

(Note: Outside of NYC, all of our Apartment Therapy Design Evenings are volunteer based and aimed at helping people by connecting them with great design and great local resources. Find out more and join us here.)

We're looking forward to seeing everyone again at this month's Meetup!

About Pangea Organics

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

Pangea Organics products are skillfully formulated to amplify hydration and support cellular regeneration by feeding the skin with the highest quality antioxidant nutrients, EFA-rich oils, and nourishing plant botanicals that nature has to offer. We take it a step further by using organic ingredients which contain 30% more antioxidants than their non-organic counterparts and leaving out all synthetics and petroleum-based chemicals. Your skin is your largest organ and may absorb as much as 80% of what you put on it. The idea is to nurture yourself while nourishing your skin. You deserve it!

Pangea's core values are based on the belief that the thing that makes a good product and a good company are one and the same: INTEGRITY – of product, performance, practices, people, planet, and purpose. That's why we believing in creating products that are "Always Beneficial, Never Artificial". Good for you. Good for every body.

ALWAYS: Nurturing, Handcrafted, Organic, Fair Trade (whenever possible), and Cruelty-Free
NEVER: Petroleum, Sulfates or Detergents, Synthetic Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Fragrances, or GMOs

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