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Our judges will be hard at work this weekend, reviewing your Room for Color favorites in all five categories. This afternoon and tomorrow we're introducing you to each of our lovely panel members one by one, talented designers and color lovers, all. Today, meet Jessica Helgerson!

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Here's the skinny on Jessica...

Jessica Helgerson is an interior designer with more than fifteen years experience creating beautiful, livable spaces that meet clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals, while respecting the environment.

and the colorful place that makes her happy...

My favorite colorful space isn't a room but a town. . . I totally love Guanajuato in Mexico, which is built in a valley and creates a giant happy colorful outdoor space. Every building is a different bright color and all of them together create a beautiful and playful mosaic.
See Jessica's portfolio over at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

Our other Room for Color 2013 Judges:

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