Meet the Editorial Team: Regina's Smart Sense of Style

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Blogger: Regina Yunghans
Started at Apartment Therapy: 2006

Regina is one of the longest term bloggers at Apartment Therapy. A talented architect, she joined the team while living in Brooklyn and has stayed with us through her moves to Montreal and then on to Lawrence, Kansas. Regina's posts show her wonderful eye for interesting materials and finishes and an affinity for small spaces and warm, bright, stylishly simple modern rooms …

I'm sure you'll enjoy this roundup of some of Regina's most popular and beautiful posts from the past year — it's a small but satisfying look at the personal archive of one of our most prolific and thoughtful bloggers.

Top row, left to right:

Storm-Colored Rooms
How To Clean a Rug with Snow
Seating & Sleeping Solution: End-to-End Twins
The Considerate House Guest
Hidden Room Love: Through the Armoire

Bottom row, left to right:

A Living Room in Brooklyn and Lawrence
Messages Left Behind in Old Homes
Super-Matte Walls
A Return to Reason?
Going Glossy on the Ceiling


Regina's posts on Apartment Therapy New York
Regina's posts on Apartment Therapy Chicago

Images: as credited in above links

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