Meet the Re-Nest Team: Therese Maring

Meet the Re-Nest Team: Therese Maring

Cambria Bold
Dec 31, 2010
Blogger: Therese Maring Started at Re-Nest: March 2010 Lives: near Madison, Wisconsin As one of our three Green Tour contributors, Therese photographs a variety of eco-friendly abodes—from farmhouses to modern lakeside homes—mostly in the Madison area. Her tours always convey a sense that real people live in these homes, and they have real ideas that we can be inspired by.

Meet Therese

You most enjoy writing about: ŠGreen Tours, especially those involving historic preservation and creative reuse. Your personal home style isŠ: warm and welcoming. A blend of vintage, family pieces, and new additions. Everything has a story. Your green home must-have isŠ: as much sunlight as possible, to allow for better passive solar and a generally better attitude. Your ideal Saturday morning is: ŠI feel like I should say getting up early to hit the farmer's market. But it's really staying in bed listening to NPR, and then eating pancakes. What's on your nightstand? Sun magazine; a collection from StoryCorps; books on gardening, poetry, and Amelia Earhart; and a catalog for The Clearing Folk School. Plus my glasses. Where you go for inspiration/info/help? I'm inspired by the people who welcome me into their amazing homes for Green Tours. Some of the websites I like are Poppytalk Handmade, Vintage Roadside, and DIY or buy? I think of myself as an Idea Person who is, luckily, married to a Craftsman Person. ("Honey, could you build/make/design one of these?") Favorite CFL or LED lightbulb brand? I haven't committed to a favorite yet. Favorite green paint brand and color? Paints from Wisconsin-based Hallman/Lindsay that carry their Green Leaf Promise. This year you're going to: Šget out and discover more fun, funky sights and treasures during a week-long adventure on hubby's motorcycle.

Green Tours by Therese

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