Meet Your New Best DIY Friend: Copper Spray Paint

Copper is like gold's younger sister finally attending the débutante ball. It's having a moment and even if you don't buy actual copper, you can easily add some copper to your life with spray paint. I've gathered a dozen examples of DIY copper paint projects to give you a sense of how diversely it can be used to bring glamor and warmth to your home. Shine on...

Above, this old flea market chair was refreshed into a copper eye-catcher with spray paint. See more → Room of Karma

See more → Go Haus Go

As a step toward de-IKEA'ing her bedroom Emily jazzed up her IKEA FILLSTA pendant lamp with copper spray paint.

See more → Freutcake

This desk organizer was made from cheap glass cylinders (from craft or dollar stores) that were given the copper paint treatment.

See more → Plaza Interior

Simple wood hangers look much more handsome in this copper paint iteration.

These small succulent holders are actually pvc pipe fittings of various heights and sizes spray painted copper.

See more → A Beautiful Mess

An old chandelier is brought back to life with copper spray paint and cleaned crystals.

See more → Hello! Upholstery

Simple and cheap - my kind of project. These $1.50 milk jars were taped off and spray painted.

See more →Freutcake

Plain white ceramic bowls are much more glam after some copper paint.

A trend mashup: faux taxidermy and copper.

See more → Carole + Ellie

A large wall of shelves (IKEA"s Ekby Gällö combined with Ekby Tryggve) is made more distinctive with copper painted brackets.

See more → With Designs

The blogger at With Designs went copper-happy by painting "sad" objects, like these makeup holders, around her home. She lives in Norway and notes that the copper color has a warming effect on her in the colder months of the year.

See more → Homey Oh My

Even tin cans from your recycling look good with some copper paint. These hold herbs, but you could also use them to hold pencils or flatware.

(Image credits: Room of Karma; Go Haus Go; Freutcake; via Plaza Interior; The Pleated Poppy; A Beautiful Mess; Hello! Upholstery; Freutcake; Plastikote on Pinterest; Carole + Ellie; With Designs; Homey Oh My)