Meeting Designer Arry Yu
Kayne Rourke
Feb 27, 2012
What: Seattle Design Evenings Who: Arry from Arry Table Attendees: 6 When: Wednesday, January 26, 2012, 6:00-8:00pm Where: 1125 E. Olive Street, Seattle, WA We had a really lovely event with Arry Yu of Arry Table on Wednesday, January 26. She hosted a little get-together to share her inspirational entrepreneurial story: how her fruitless search for the perfect table (in her case, an adaptable, extendable table for small spaces) resulted in creating her own! It was motivating to hear about her follow-through on a great idea, and refreshing to hear a real person's run-down of the process. She was a pleasure to chat with, and we noshed on pizza and sipped on wine on Arry's own extendable (and self-patented!) table. You can find more info on her web site:, or keep up to date on the evolution of her furniture designs on Facebook.
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