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Name: Megan
Location: Ukrainian Village/Wicker Park — Chicago, Illinois

My husband and I moved into our vintage Chicago apartment from a loft in the loop a little over a year ago. While we enjoyed our high-styling time downtown, we missed doors that closed and walls that went all the way to the ceiling. So we traded in a brand new unit with a dishwasher, washer/dryer, killer skyline view and beautiful wooden floors for the first floor of an old-school three-flat.

The building dates back to the early part of the century and has not been updated in years and years and years; the wooden floors are a raw mess and the vinyl in our kitchen is starting to peel and our bathroom sink is pea green. BUT-- there's so much to love that we forget about those matters pretty easily.

Our home consists of three large rooms: a front, a middle and the kitchen, plus two tiny bedrooms and an office we use for a closet. We have a backyard for our two-year old lab mutt to dig holes in and a gigantic balcony to lounge on.

All of the furnishings and knick-knacks and most of the art was purchased via thrift store or Craigslist. I doubt we have spent more than $1,000 on everything. Even the Paperclip desk was a steal at $40.

We are still working on the bathroom and bedrooms but are pretty happy at how our home is coming along. :)

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Thanks, Megan!

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