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San Francisco, CA
Inspiration for my palette:
My apartment's color scheme is inspired by my travels, especially the artisan markets of Latin America. I've always loved the juxtaposition of the warm terracotta colors of the clay buildings accented with brightly colored woven items. I've tried to recreate that feeling in the main room of my studio apartment.
Colors used in my room:
The main wall color is Dulux Canyon Stone. I used ICI Green Bank for the trunk and a combination of Dulux Pencil Yellow and Kelly Moore Inca Gold for the dresser.
Tips for using color successfully:
My best tip for using color is to trust your gut and pick the dominant palette from a place deep down inside - a color that makes you inexplicably happy even if it isn't in fashion or doesn't necessarily "go" with the rest of your room or apartment. Color is about feeling and above all, it must make you feel good.
Terracotta Traveler