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Arlington, VA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I love that my condo has provided me with a myriad of learning experiences. I now know how to fit a hot water heater into a 20 inch wide space, that if you adopt a rescue dog everything needs to be machine washable (goodbye silk DKNY Collection bedding and hello cold delicate wash cycle for real fur rugs), how to hire a contractor, what to do when a litter of baby squirrels are living above your ceiling, and that design blogs, especially Apartment Therapy, can be a wonderful inspiration.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
I think the challenge in every small space is storage. Following the failure of my building’s roof, I had to rip out my ceiling and some drywall to address mold and water damage. While the repairs were being completed, I realized I could increase storage by reducing the size of my bedroom to create three new closets. I now have a 15+ feet of hanging storage, 20+ feet of glass shelving for my heels, and drawers and shelves to accommodate at least twice the amount of folded clothes I moved in with. Plus, I have a storage closet that fits my bike, snowboard, holiday decorations, craft supplies, and ever-growing tool collection for home repairs. I have had to give away lots of old clothes, books, and furniture that didn’t multitask enough for a small space, but I finally feel like my home has ample storage, a reasonable amount of possessions in it, a cohesive look throughout, and is organized enough that I can keep it clean.