Memory Lane: DIY Scratch & Sniff Photos


Photos are a great way to hold on to memories, that's no secret, but did you know you can also make them smell like the great times you once had? Let's hope you reminisce about long walks on the beach instead of a sweaty mosh pit! Because no one really likes the smell of teen spirit.

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Our friends over at Photojojo have rounded up a few ways to make your photos have a scratch and sniff scent to them. There are several different tricks for you to use, depending on your intended outcome.

Our favorite method is pictured above, where you place a cotton ball laced with essential oil inside a plastic bag along with your photo. Let it sit to infuse, and then remove a little later. It's as simple as that. Other methods include soaking in tea or letting the pros do it for you. It could make a regular photo into an extra special memory.

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(Images: Photojojo)

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