(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Sometimes the most beautiful pieces of furniture are so because of the genius of their simplicity. The Metamorphic Chair-Stool-Side Table is a side table/stool that becomes a chair when the stool top is raised. When not in use, the stools are easily stack-able to take up a small footprint, but these stacking chairs are solid, sturdy and made out of lovely American Black Walnut.

Designed by John Reeves of Reeves Design, the Metamorphic Chair-Stool-Side Table is the perfect marriage of form and function. While serving multiple purposes, it still remains a lovely (and smart) piece of furniture on its own. For example, the contoured scoop of the back rest also serves as a handle to lever open the table top to become a solid side chair.

The Metamorphic Chair-Stool-Side Table is available from ABC Home.

Found via Better Living Through Design