Method Madness: Fall 2013 Products

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There's nothing I like more than discovering better ways to do the chores; it always feels like I'm beating the system.  No doubt the folks at Method agree, because their Fall 2013 product line is all about taking dirty jobs and making them easy and fun.  

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They've always been committed to the belief that clean doesn't mean chemical — their formulas are consistently free of parabens, phthalates, triclosan, EDTA and animal by-products — and their scents are meant to spice up your cleaning routine, rather than mask synthetic odors. 

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This season, two of those scents are more than just a pretty smell.  The "soap for hope" hand wash duo represents Method's donation to two non-profits that fight breast and prostate cancer (the bottle designs are a clever wink).  

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Speaking of clever, Method's new power foam dish soap is packaged in a ergonomic, trigger-style bottle so it's easy for wet hands to grip, and quick to dispense just a dab for smaller jobs.  

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And for the mouse-obsessed, this Disney collaboration may just entice your little ones into the bath.  

See all the new products at Method.  

(Images: Jennifer Hunter)

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