Method omop

As much as we love the Swiffer (or in our case, knockoff electrostatic refills from the 99 Cents Only Stores), we've always thought they weren't exactly the most green of cleaning products. We go through the refills pretty quickly in our feline filled home, and those sheets must add up, considering their popularity.

The good folks at Method yet again take an idea and make it better...and better for the environment while they're at it. The new omop improves upon every facet of the typical electromagnetic sweeper: the pole handle is now curved for easier access and allows for more surface pressure; the cloth inserts are made of 100% corn derivatives and are compostable; the omop can be used wet/dry by simply changing to a washable microfiber mop pad (wash and reuse up to 50 times). We're impressed...and ordering one for ourselves right now.