Meyer Lemon Tree

Maxwell’s Daily Find 01.2.15

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Meyer Lemon Tree

• from $12.95 but pic is $91.95

While we often feel separate from nature during these dark winter months, there are some plants that peak during the winter and can thrive indoors where we are all huddled waiting for the temperatures to rise. Meyer lemon trees are one of them. Hardy outdoors until late in the fall and happy indoors until spring, these guys will grow, produce lovely fruit and fill your home with the sweet scent of lemons and their blossoms (check out our post on Meyer Lemon Trees here).

You can buy a small one or a large one. I've linked you to a larger one at above, but you can find a starter version at Amazon right here or head over to Logees where they have a bunch as well (though they are often out of stock). Any which way you slice it, however, this is the winter that you should order one of these and experience nurturing it through to the other side.

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