Micathermic Panel Heater

Micathermic Panel Heater

Heather Blaha
Jan 26, 2009

After nearly selling our space heater during the last move, it came to the rescue last week when our boiler went out. Working in the home office was frigid that day, but our tiny space heater kept our legs and feet toasty. We keep other space heaters out there bookmarked for future possibility, and just discovered this one:

The panel can be wall-mounted or used standing (a more mobile option), and prides itself on energy efficiency. An adjustable digital thermostat is also a nice alternative to the general high and low heat functions of many space heaters.

And...it's a great find for the bedroom: This micathermic panel heater uses 80% convection and 20% reflective heat to quickly warm a room without drying out the air, so you're more comfortable immediately. Silent operation and a 12-hour digital timer make this panel heater ideal for the bedroom.

The Micathermic panel heater is available through Improvements ("...for your home inside and out") online store for $119.99.

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