Michael's "Brassy 60's Den" Room

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Los Angeles, CA
Inspiration for my palette:
The living room is the main room I entertain in, so I wanted it to feel somewhat neutral, and not overwhelm guests when they come over for the first time. I like the idea of being able to change the accent colors as my mood - or the season - changes. I also carefully considered the wood finishes, too: choices like ebony for the entertainment center and blinds, and the walnut-colored floor, were deliberately bold. The acorn-colored furniture pieces tend to take a back seat to the pops of color.
Colors used in my room
A neutral background of a natural linen color gave me permission to go bold with the accent colors: persimmon red, slate grey, pops of brass and white. The wood finishes include deep ebony, walnut, and acorn.
Tips for using color successfully
Be fearless. Be strategic. Be brave. Be trusting of your instincts. Be open to a color you thought you didn't like. Be willing to change your mind. Be opinionated.
Brassy 60's Den

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