Michel Bayard: Pinhole Photographer

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Remember the Pinhole Camera? Remember it's simplicity? You put a piece of photo paper in a little box with a hole in it and then take it outside and make a picture.

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There is a fellow named Michel Bayard, who hasn't forgotten. Not only does he take pinhole photographs, but he has developed a rapport with the medium that gives his small prints a lovely, elegant and timeless look. Here are his words:

My work with Pinhole Photography involves using small containers (film cannisters, Whitman candy and Altoids boxes, dog food cans, and others)...I handprint every photo in my darkroom...I do pinhole photography because of its magical simplicity.

Michel's photographs are small (really small!) and sweet - perfect art for a small apartment - and in the classic mold of mythical New York streetscapes and views. The joyousness of the small and the handmade.

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Michel is at the Farmer's Market F,Sat,Sun & M. You can see his other photos at his page at photolog.net, where he is listed as using "no camera."

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