House Tour: Michelle & Dylan's Curiosity Filled Apartment

House Tour: Michelle & Dylan's Curiosity Filled Apartment

Amy Azzarito
Jul 20, 2009

Name: Michelle Enemark & Dylan Thuras
Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Size: 1 Bedroom
Years lived in: 1.5
Rented or Owned: Rented
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Michelle and Dylan love to travel, but no laying on the beach for these two! Well, not too much laying on the beach! Together, they chronicle their search for the wonderful and the obcsure in Curious Expeditions. Dylan recently launched Atlas Obsura: A Compendium of the World's Wonders, Curiosities, and Esoterica with Joshua Foer. Atlas Obsura seeks to catalog all the "wondrous, curious, and esoteric places" that get left out of travel guides. The site relies on other intrepid travelers to add discoveries. What does the apartment of two dedicated collectors and world travelers look like? It's certainly maximalism at its best...

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How would you define your style?
Our style is Victorian parlor meets natural history museum meets junk shop.
What is your greatest inspiration?
Old museums, amateur naturalists, terrariums, horror vacui, entomology, obsessive collecting, traveling, anatomical models, and the natural world.
What is your favorite element of your home?
Our vintage Hungarian taxidermy of a baby fox holding a duckling. We've never found anything else like it.

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What is the biggest challenge of your home?
We just have too much darn stuff. Our collecting can be our own worst enemy. Also, our two closets are shaped like triangles, a perfect shape in which nothing fits.
What do friends say about your home?
Some love it, and some think we're insane.
What is your home's biggest embarrassment?
That we can only fit about 5 people in it before it becomes too crowded.
Best Advice: Our apartment is almost entirely furnished through craigslist, garage sales, and hand-me-downs. And if you ever have a chance to go furniture hunting in Maine, do it. Maine has the best junk shops.
Dream Source:
The storage room of the American Natural History Museum.
Other Inspiration:
Our dream is to move into a larger house and open our own museum on the bottom floor.

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Here are just a few of our favorite Atlas Obscura entries:
• A museum of Victorian hair art in Independence, Missiouri
• An underwater sculpture garden off the coast of Grenada
• The self-built cathedral of an eccentric Spanish ex-monk
(You can add your own favorite escape here.)

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