Michelle & Josh's Salvaged Sawhorse Table

As I was shooting Michelle and Josh's apartment for a future house tour, I came across this little table on the back porch. When I commented on how much I liked the table, Josh piped up with a proud "I made that". I grilled him on the specifics of his DIY…

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Josh found the salvaged wood tabletop in the alley one day and, after lugging it home, decided to make it into a table for the back porch. By using a galvanized metal sawhorse that he picked up at Home Depot for about $15, he made short work of this DIY.

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Josh used braces and bolts to attach the tabletop to the sawhorse. The end product is both sturdy and handsome. I love the mix of the galvanized metal sawhorse with the the weathered wood top. To keep that tabletop looking weathered without further deterioration, Josh applied a coat of polyurethane to it.

Images: Jason Loper