Michelle McCormick: Inspiration Resource!

Michelle McCormick: Inspiration Resource!

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 13, 2009

Michelle McCormick lives with her husband, Tracy in a very old apartment building in Los Angeles — the Gaylord. I met them two weeks ago because we photographed their home for our new book on small spaces (above)...

It's right across the street from the old Ambassador Hotel, home of the famous Cocoanut Grove and the site of Bobby Kennedy's assassination. It was recently torn down to make way for the big public school you see in the picture above.

Pic: Todd Selby

Michelle is an artist and has a really, really, really good eye for spotting beautiful things and putting them together so that they find greater meaning. Her day job is as a design director at Abercrombie & Fitch, where she works specifically on their graphics and helps to spot and plan for upcoming trends.

Pic: Todd Selby Pic: Todd Selby

While doing that, her eye takes her all over the country and she collects and pulls together all of her inspiration in big scrap books, on boards (for A&F) and on her blog: www.inspirationresource.com (the blog is under "inspire"). It is on the blog that she pulls five things each day that form a collection.

What I find most interesting about Michelle is how she uses collections to create. When she draws she tends toward multiples. When blogging, she always blogs a series. When collecting, she builds on what she has, finding different versions that express the idea in new and different ways. In her work for A&F, she pulls together items on storyboards that don't make sense until you see them all together. She creates sentences out of objects, images, and colors.

I urge you to check her site out and follow it. She's threatening to start selling all of her collections through her site so that she can collect more. That will be a day worth waiting for. Enjoy!

>> www.inspirationresource.com
>> Michelle & Tracy on The Selby

>> This is a little video I took of one of Michelle's objects: an amazing endless porcupine ashtray by Walter Bosse

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