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Chicago, IL
Inspiration for my palette:
Upon moving in with my boyfriend, I wanted to redecorate with colors that would suit my rainbow obsession, without making him feel too emasculated. Since my favorite pink was clearly out of the question, we both agreed upon blue and I went out and found the brightest blue he could handle.
Colors used in my room:
Benjamin Moore Electric Blue
Tips for using color successfully:
Start small and build from there. Originally, we planned on only painting a single wall, but then liked it so much that we went for the whole room. We loved the outcome, but if we'd hated it, it would have been much easier to just re-paint one wall. Also, think about how you can accessorize your color with items in the room. Aside from our brightly colored walls, guests always rave about our blue glass window farm and color-coded bookshelves. Adding lush plants and grouping like-colored items together adds a pop without much effort.
Eclectic Electric Blue