Microwaveable Lunch Containers with Lids

Microwaveable Lunch Containers with Lids

Carrie McBride
Aug 23, 2011

Q: Hello readers. It's Carrie the Managing Editor. I'm selfishly commandeering this space today to ask you my Good Question. My son is starting full-day preschool soon and I'll be sending two snacks and lunch with him. For lunch I usually reheat dinner leftovers from the night before. I'm looking for recommendations for lunch containers that are lidded (with a good seal) and that are microwaveable. So far I've found the Beaba Lunch Box which I'm considering (it's a little bigger than I'd like) and I'd like to know about other options.

I'm also considering this 3-cup Pyrex container with a microwave vented lid, but I need to find out from the school if I'm allowed to use glass.

Wise reader, do you have a recommendation for me?

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