Midnight in Paris Prop Sale at Gilt Home

Midnight in Paris Prop Sale at Gilt Home

Jason Loper
Feb 23, 2012

Just in time for the Oscars, Gilt home is selling some of the props from Woody Allen's Best Picture nominated Midnight in Paris. From the cigarette holder used by Marion Cotillard to Gil's manuscript, this is an opportunity to own a little piece of the film.

The props from Midnight in Paris being offered by Gilt Home include:

• The cigarette holder used by Marion Cotillard's character throughout the film. $550
• The 1920s record album that Owen Wilson's character, Gil, purchases at a Paris Flea Market. $350
• The authentic 1920s newspaper that Adriana (Marion Cotillard) is reading this when Gil (Owen Wilson) comes to sit and talk with her.
• "Toulouse-Lautrec Sketches" as replicated by the film's Art Department illustrator, Lilith Bekmezian.
• The manuscript that Gil (Own Wilson) carries throughout the film. $1500

Browse all the props being offered at Gilt Home. The sale starts today and runs through Tuesday, February 28 at noon.

Images: Gilt Home

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