Midwest #1: "I'm Bringing Sticky Back" Doggie Bed Project

Name: Art
Location: Chicago
Time: One Hour
Cost: $47.

We're kicking things off in the Midwest with a very furry January Jumpstart. Art pulled together a doggie bed that was a winner with the intended user immediately - Art says that the very satisfied "after" pic (final photo below the jump) was taken just 6 minutes after project completion! Head below the jump for all the pics, tools, and instructions and VOTING...


Tell us the tools and resources you used for the project:
One pair of scissors, two 12' boxes of sticky back velcro (with a little bit left over at the end), optional superglue, one Ikea Flokati wool rug, one Ikea Gosa Vila 26 x 26 pillow stuffer and a tape measure.

Share step by step instructions for how you completed the project: 1. Lay rug upside down on the floor 2. Measure all 4 sides of the rug and determine the half way mark of the rug (the point where the rug creases when folded in half. 3. Measure and cut lengths of fuzzy sticky back velcro to cover the three sides of one half of the underside of the rug. 4. Measure and cut lengths of scratchy sticky back velcro to cover the other three sides of the other half of the underside of the rug. 5. Remove the sticky back velcro backing and adhere the velcro to the underside of the rug. 6. Lay the pillow on one half of the underside of the rug and fold the other end of the rug over the pillow while crimping the velcro together to seal the pillow up like a giant ravioli. 7. Place your small to medium dog on the pillow and watch them sleep.

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