Midwest #21: Carla's Grand Ave. Home

Name: Carla
Location: St. Paul, MN
Size: 650 sf
Rent/Own: Rent

What is the advantage of SMALL? I live in St. Paul MN, so the best thing is the wonderful cozy days in the winter where you can curl up and read a book, or watch a movie. Oh, and the location for small apartments is usually better than their larger counterparts.... there's a reason that they try to fit so many people in one place.

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What's your favorite resource for your home?

I'm not too picky about where I buy things, I think that by finding things at both the cheapest and most expensive places, the most important thing is that I fall in love with something.

What is your one favorite element in your small, cool home?

I really like the being creative in a small space. Working with hand-me-down and thrift store furniture has really given me an amazing opportunity to work on almost every piece and expand my DIY knowledge.

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