Midwest #31: Suzi's L.E.S. Meets Le Marais

Name: Suzi
Location: Columbus, OH
Size: 557 sf
Rent/Own: Own

What is the advantage of SMALL? With small, you are forced to love what you own. There is no reason or space to settle for mediocrity. Everything should be experiential. It's all about consuming less but making it work more.

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What's your favorite resource for your home?

Scouring antique shops, auctions, flea-markets, boutiques and student art sales.

What is your one favorite element in your small, cool home?

I love the lighting, both naturally provided by the Western exposure and the enhancement of chandeliers.

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2008, Small Cool

Janel Laban is the Executive Editor of Apartment Therapy and has been working here, at the dreamiest of dream jobs, since March 2006.